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7104 (7104-26D-41) Lock, Medium Duty Deadlatch (Finish: Satin Chrome)

Model 7104 (7104-26D-41)

7000 series locksets are suitable for residential or light commercial applications.  The streamlined housing with integrated pull makes the lock ideal for front and rear doors, garages, conference rooms, offices, garden cabanas, utility rooms and workshops.





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Unican 1000-1 Mechanical Pushbutton Lock (Finish: Satin Chrome)

Model 1011 (1000-1)

The Classic Unican Lock. Entry via knob on front with correct code, Free Exit with knob handle. Heavy Duty Mortice Deadlatch (Door Auto Locks when Shut).These locks are ideal for locations with a high personnel turnover rate such as data processing centers, employee entrances, R&D labs, apartments, dormitories, and restricted areas in hospitals and airports..


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